Monday, June 4, 2018

Bob Lonsberry Wants To Block Your Tweets and Unfriend You on Facebook

For a radio talk show host who relies on the opinion of others for his livelihood, Bob Lonsberry is pretty short-sighted. His most recent column, IT'S TIME TO WEED THE GARDEN (yes, it's all caps, because Bob likes shouting) espouses the principle of blocking, un-folowing and un-friending anybody and everybody who upsets your polite sensibilities. Bob's idea of "social media" is tea-totaling over the news of the day, insipid pictures of your dog or latest meal, or, an endless stream of selfies taken with people whom you deem important or praiseworthy (in Bob's case, this group is exclusively defined by cops, firemen and politicians).
I refuse to let my social media time, or my group of friends, be their political toilet paper. A snotty jab and you’re gone. Bye bye. I promise never to think of you again. For months, I’ve muted or unfollowed the most obnoxious and ambitious of posters. A couple of years ago I stopped posting public comments on my online column. My thought was to quietly turn away. Let them rage on, but let them rage on out of my hearing.
What a crybaby! Poor Bob, he doesn't like people who disagree with him or his points of view and express themselves with passion. Maybe Bob needs a stint as an intern at a Facebook cleanup camp. If Bob continues to block and unfriend the people by whom he is upset, he'll end up with a small gang of sycophants who will praise him and glorify his opinions as the word of the Messiah of the right. Bob banned me a while ago, and you can't comment on his articles any more. Maybe what Bob really needs is a pacifier, which usually quiets babies with the joys of suckling. Perhaps then, when somebody says, "hey Bob, you suck," there will be proof.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Lonsberry Show, June 19, 2017 Sets New Standard for Boredom and Vulgarity

Two hours into his show Monday, June 19, Bob Lonsberry has had zero callers, spent the first hour talking about his family, as if anybody actually cares, then spent part of the second trial talking about dog poop in a courtroom some 30 years ago (Shawcross trial). Just after 10:00 am, Lonsberry is killing the airwaves around Rochester, talking about - really, no kidding - himself, again, because, as mentioned in earlier posts, Bob Lonsberry is a narcissist who cannot keep himself out of any 10 or 15 minute segment. He must always mention what he thinks, what he'd do, always stumbling through the English language with a series of ums, ahs, blah-blah-blahs and the ever-present rhetorical "right?" as though we should all agree with his thinking. This guy is cancer, and if WHAM was any kind of a radio station other than a poor excuse for a place-holder of an FCC license, they'd fire this doofus immediately. This note about Lonsberry is one to ponder: he does a morning show from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon on WhAM, then usually goes "for a run" before getting back behind the microphone (in Rochester) to air a show in Syracuse on WSYR (also owned by iHeart Media) from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The question listeners and the program director must ask, "how much serious show prep can this moron actually do, and how much of it matters?" Lonsberry is the public face of WHAM and it's been covered in mud for so long that nobody can see that it's actually not real.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Being Naive and Not Very Bright, Bob Lonsberry Doesn't Get It

In the aftermath of the Arlington "baseball shooting," local talk show host, Bob Lonsberry tried to make the case that the shooter - one Mr. James Hodgkinson - was solely to blame for the injuries inflicted on the diamond as Republican politicians practiced for their annual fund-raiser on Thursday.

Among other things, Lonsberry openly advocates
an armed citizenry, so he's not completely clueless.
Well, sure, Hodgkinson pulled the trigger, many times (and, by the way, the guy was, thankfully, a terrible shot), but there is such a thing as cause and effect, and in this case, it's plainly obvious - to everybody except Bob Lonsberry - that the cause was the continuing witch hunt against President Trump and the effort by Democrats and the media to undermine his administration, the effect one delusional and easily-duped Bernie Sanders communist supporter setting out to settle a score with his chosen enemy.

It's not hard to make the connection between Hodgkinson and the rhetoric of Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters Hillary Clinton's "resistance", antifa,, and other George Soros-funded "protest" organizations. This is nothing new. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage each made the connection on their various shows Wednesday afternoon, but, Rochester morning talk show host Bob Lonsberry - a third-rate host in a third-rate town - is sticking to his guns (pardon the pun), that Hodgkinson wasn't influenced by the vicious vitriol of the Democrats and the media.

It's tough to understand how a fellow like Bob Lonsberry could have gotten so far in the world with such narrow-minded, naive points of view. Then again, in the age of fake media and the preeminence of talentless, idiotic people like Megan Kelly and Anderson Cooper, perhaps Lonsberry fits the mold to perfection.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Bob Lonsberry is easily duped

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